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This Chinese Clone Of The iPhone X Has Four Cameras and Andriod 8 OREO

A Chinese firm has released a new clone of iPhone X which has four cameras and comes along with the latest Android operating system. Yes, you heard it right, a clone of the iPhone X with four cameras, two in front and two at back. It looks exactly the same like an iPhone X and one would not be able to distinguish until they have their hands on it.

iPhone X clone

The Chinese clones, those great classics that can never go missing after the launch of a new terminal to the market, and especially when it is of high range. And obviously the iPhone X is a perfect breeding ground for those types of clones. The latter completely copies its exterior appearance, as an all-screen design and its vertical-layout photo camera in its same location. In addition, colors, like white, are also very similar. This new clone is the Hotwav Symbol S3 and is believed to be more than ten times cheaper to iPhone X.

The iPhone X was presented on September 12 with a great expectation around the globe. The same that has awakened in recent weeks, knowing that for now it will not reach stores until the end of this month or in the fist week of next month. However, it was enough for a clone of the iPhone X to make most people curious.

One of the latest news we have had about the iPhone X is that it could be delayed until the end of the year, which would undoubtedly be a risk for Apple during the Christmas season.

Undoubtedly it is a clone that has quite striking aspects in its technical sheet and others that disappoint. On the positive side is the screen, six inches and resolution QHD+ which is not bad for a clone, also has virtually no edges and resembles much in its appearance and size or shape to the original model of Apple iPhone, as which is the most prominent aspect of this clone without any doubt.

But there are more things such as a dual camera not only behind, with 16 megapixel and 2 megapixel sensors, but also has a dual camera in front, so in total offers up to four cameras. As you can see in the images, this Hotwav Symbol 3, which is the name of this model, has completely copied the design of the iPhone X, both on the front and back. But this clone of the iPhone X also has its flaws, or rather, inconsistencies. read more

IPhone X shipments are delayed up to 5 weeks

There were warning for weeks and this morning, just a few minutes after the iPhone X was put on sale, it has been confirmed about the stock problems of the iPhone X worldwide. For example, although you reserve your Apple smartphone right now, shipments of the iPhone X are delayed up to 5 weeks.

iPhone X

Today reserves have been opened to buy the iPhone X both on the website of Apple and through the main operators working in our country. For this reason it was to be expected that, with the few units available for sale that were speculated, different delays in the shipments of the iPhone X began to appear for all those who decide to reserve it from today.

Only a lucky few, the early risers, will be able to get a hand on the iPhone X next Friday, November 3. The rest of mortals who since 9:30 have tried to reserve the phone already see as when to finalize the purchase, a message on the web page of Cupertino warning that shipments of the iPhone X will take 5 weeks, that is, those who book the mobile right now may not receive it until the beginning of December.

This confirms all the bets that indicated the limited stock of iPhone X that would cause distribution problems of the smartphone. This was assured by different analysts before the sale of the terminal, especially blaming both the OLED panel of the mobile and the Face ID technology iPhone X, whose development has led to these delays in shipments of iPhone X.

The problem of iPhone X shipments is going to be worse, since it has come to light that there were problems faced by the Cupertino Company in the develeopment of OLED panels for the iPhone C. The low number of OLED screens for the new iPhone has made Apple to delay iPhone X shipments. This indicates that this year the availability of this model will be much more scarce. Many experts have stated that only 3 million pieces will be available during the opening weekend which is very low compared to earlier releases.

iPhone X delay

As expected, after five or ten minutes of opening the booking period, Apple could no longer guarantee delivery on November 3. At the time of writing this post users who decide to reserve it will have to wait more than a month to have one. read more