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MacBook Air 2017 and MacBook Pro TB arrive in the restored section of Apple

We are missing few Macbook series to complete the list of computers in the restored or refurbished section. This time, Apple today adds the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar renewed this year 2017 as it did with the MacBook 12 “a few days ago.

Macbook Air 2017

The web section of restored products continues to add new equipment in droppers and the fact is that while in the United States they do have most of the Mac models in this section in addition to the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus and Apple Watch Series 2, in Europe and the rest of the countries either they do not arrive directly or do so in a more gradual way over time.

It must be made clear that these new equipment does not have the same guarantee of two years that we have in Europe and the box of the original product is not added. A white box is added in which you can read clearly which is a refurbished Mac. The truth is that these products would go through without problem in most cases, although it is completely true that in some cases they are terrible.

The discount on them is important for many and the downside is that these teams can not be financed and can not be customized, that is, the one added in the restored section is the one that exists and can not be changed.

All Apple products that are added to the list of restored can be found from this same link and logically the best in them is the discount that is applied in the final price that can reach or exceed 300 euros in some cases. As we all know, in the case of the repaired or restored products Apple performs a process of restoration and replacement of components that may be damaged and makes the equipment ready for sale.

If you want a portable brand of the Apple brand and also want to be as light as possible without sacrificing more than enough power for day to day, your model is the MacBook Air 2017. If you just have to have a hard disk of 128 Gb, you can have it for only 979 euros buying it this week.

If you already know this laptop, you will know that it is a very, very thin and light computer, with a weight of 1.35 Kg and a 13-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 by 900 pixels. It is the only option left for this model in the Apple catalog after the elimination of the 11-inch model. read more